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We may save and store certain pieces of information about the visitors that come to our site in order to provide better service to all of our users. We may also store user information to use for statistical purposes. However, we never allow a user’s true identity to be connected to or associated with this data. We take some measures to protect the privacy of our visitors and to avoid the disclosure of any personal information except when it may be required to do so by law or if we believe that the disclosure of a user’s personal information is necessary in a legal process that has been served against us. Copyright All of the written content contained on the website is our exclusive property and is therefore protected under the international copyright laws. You may not reproduce any of the material found on our website without express written permission from us, excepting the downloading and/or printing for personal use only. This copyright covers all material including compilations of reviews and any reviews that we may decide to sell or distribute. Content All of the opinions found out our site are the opinions of the individual reviews and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of our site, or other reviewers. Each review is the opinion of one reviewer only. Each opinion is an opinion only and may not be accurate or relevant to your specific needs. License Grant When you submit reviews or any other content to our website, you automatically give us irreversible, royalty-free, exchangeable, and international rights and licenses to use, copy, change, translate, adjust, publish, create alternative works from, and sell or distribute any information or materials in any format, manner, or technology as we see fit, with no monetary compensation to you. Additionally, by submission to our site, you agree to waive all so-called moral rights to the submitted materials. No Endorsement Any references to products or services provided in the form of links, trade names, manufacturers, trademarks, or any other form of reference does not imply our sponsorship, endorsement, or recommendation of these products or services, unless otherwise specified. Other Information We retain the right to remove or change any of the materials contained on our website at our discretion. We also have the right to make changes or updates to this policy at our discretion. When you continue to use our site succeeding a change indicates that you agree with and accept the modified terms. In the case of a portion of this policy being invalid or unenforceable for any reason, all of the other provisions will remain in full effect. This Policy is and will continue forever to be governed by the regulations and laws of the United States of America.
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